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News • over 1 year ago
Ultimate Ingenuity offers sustainable and comprehensive construction services within the fields of civil and structural engineering, environmental engineering, water and sanitation engineering, mechanical engineering and public works. The company uses versatile methods for a variety of building configurations.
News • over 1 year ago
Ultimate Ingenuity offers complete residential and commercial building maintenance works including refurbishments, remedial works, conversions, redecorations, plumbing, carpentry repairs, as well as landscaping and gardening. This company provides its customers with high quality services personalised for their unique needs. Ultimate Ingenuity's team is professional, courteous and efficient.
News • over 1 year ago
Ultimate Ingenuity has varied and extensive experience in construction projects, the company offers complete construction supervision and management services for all types of building construction and local roads. This company is always available with the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment to meet any requirement in the field of general, civil and mechanical construction, as well as electrical engineering. Through their years of experience, Ultimate Ingenuity’s owners have developed sophisticated bidding, scheduling and materials solutions for some of the most complex construction projects being done today.
News • over 1 year ago
Ultimate Ingenuity enables domestic and commercial property owners or a real estate manager to achieve all dream improvements needed to raise the value of their property by a simple process; Allow Ultimate Ingenuity determine through an independent valuer, the current value of your property Surrender your property to Ultimate Ingenuity for an agreed period as demanded by the logical programme of works during which works are conducted and concluded. Revaluation is done for determination of new rentals by a professional real estate manager Recovery of the cost of construction over time through rentals at a percentage negotiated before signing of the contract. Building surrendered back to you the owner at a higher value achieved at a cost repayable on these Ultimate Ingenuity flexible terms

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